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            Wuxi Qunke Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in 2010 and is a technological innovation enterprise that integrates the design, research and development, mass production, and service of various types of oil cylinders, cylinders, and hydraulic piston rods.

            Since its establishment over a decade ago, Wuxi Qunke Machinery Co., Ltd. has been on the path of growth from loose parts to integrated products, from module learning to innovative research and development, with every step following the pace of the times and striving for success...

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            Since its establishment for more than ten years, every step has been following the pace of the times' development, and we have been committed to achieving great success!

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            After sales service is the survival path of enterprises

            After sales service is the way for enterprises to survive. Qunke has established a professional technical team of over 20 people, 7 * 24 hours, to provide timely and effective after-sales service to domestic and foreign customers, and solve their worries.

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            Brainstorming and working together, seeking wisdom and exploration. Practical and innovative Qunke people are surpassing their dreams

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